Super Sad True Love Story: A Novel · Read more · Super Sad True Love Story A Burmese Lessons A True Love Story. Read more · Burmese Lessons: A true. PDF | While doing his masters from Himachal Pradesh University Shimla, author fell in This is a non-fiction book, especially for those who felt True Love for. People often ask me, “Mr. Gary, why don't you write more books?” And I say to them, “Why don't you write more books, huh?” And they say, “But seriously.

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The aim of this thesis is to demonstrate that Erich Segal's Love Story is a romance novel despite . has transformed into a modern heroine looking for true love. Transnational Literature Vol. 5 no. 1, November transnational/ Gary Shteyngart, Super Sad True Love Story (Granta. The PDF you are reading is an electronic version of a physical book that can be downloadd through any 'THE FIRST LOVE IS THE TRUE LOVE AND ONE.

He looked at me like a bewildered child. The next time I saw him, the stink was gone. In a years time, he was courting someone. I dont know why it took that long.

Perhaps it takes a year for the residue to disappear. And in three years, they were married.

That man didnt lack prayer. Or fasting. That man lacked a deodorant. Super, ultra, erce, no-mercy, kick-butt, extra-strong deodorant. No, it wont.

This myth may be true for a few but it wont be true for many. I repeat: I know a lot of single women in their fties who are still single because they believe in this myth. They were taught, Just surrender. If youre supposed to get married, youll get married. Marriage will come knocking on your door when you least expect it.

Just wait! Sometimes, youdo get married, but you get married to the wrong person. Because you just waited for someone to come strolling by and the one who happened to come along was Frankenstein. Heres my point: You need to take deliberate action so you can meet all sorts of people See Step 3: Talk to Lots of Guys.

You need to take deliberate action so you can attract the kind of spouse you want. See also Step 5: Be Attractive. Its deliberate action thats relaxed. But deliberate nonetheless. Not Desperation! Oh please. Not that. Everybody knows that desperate singles are a potent turn-off, like extra-strong perfume in a tiny elevator. You cant breathe. You just want to run out. And thats what guys do.

They smell desperate women headed down their path. They feel their deadly vibrations a mile away and run for their lives. Ill talk more about this in Step 5: Be Attractive. Ive learned that people too desperate for money wont attract too much money. But people who are condent that money will come to them will attract money easily.

I repeat the main message of this entire book: Take responsibility for your future. I want you to sign up your parents as honorary members and a few of your close friends to be your support team in your deliberate pursuit for marriage. Theyll be your prayer partners too. Your role in the team: To ask help on getting to know yourself; to update them about whats happening to you; to tell them about the guys you meet, the guys who invite you to dates, what you see in them and the feelings you have for them.

Much later, you will introduce your suitors to them. Youll also meet them regularly to update them. Their role in the team: To pray for you and encourage you. Youll also ask them to slap you on the face if youre bewitched by a charmer thats hazardous to your future. Sister, you dont pick a winner on your own.

Ask for help. Good parents and good friends even if theyre not perfect will provide good protection and encouragement for you. Action 2: Grow Your Character If youre going to take responsibility for nding a spouse, youve got to take responsibility to become the right kind of spouse in your character. Ive met married people who I feel should have been better off single.

Sometimes, because theyre personality is better suited for the single life. But sometimes, because it wasnt yet time to get married. Reason: Their character was still immature. Marriage isnt for kids in adult bodies.

Marriage requires a lot of hard work, humility, patience, sacricial love, and the other stuff that we call character. And frankly, I feel that many singles dont spend enough time growing their character. They work on their make-up, their clothes, their careerbut not their character. You need to take a brutal moral inventory of your life, so you know what inner areas of your life you need to grow.

And commit yourself on relentless spiritual and character growth. Join a spiritual family.

Unforgettable Love Stories in Fiction

Nourish your soul. Be part of an accountability group. Action 3: Get Emotionally Healthy Your mission is to be wholeto be emotionally healthy. Getting married without being emotionally whole spells disasteror at least a very difcult marriage. Because youll most likely attract the wrong person. Heres the truth: An emotionally healthy person will attractand be attracted toanother emotionally healthy person.

An emotionally unhealthy person will attractand be attracted toanother emotionally unhealthy person too. Ill give examples on how this takes place in my discussion on whats wrong withMy Type on Step 4. A codependent will be attracted to an addict. A rescuer will be attracted to a problematic person.

A guilt-ridden person will be attracted to a guilt-giving person. A passive person will be attracted to a domineering person. An abuse victim will be attracted to an abuser. And so on. So get healthy! How does one become emotionally healthy? By ruthlessly facing the unhealthy emotional patterns within you, acknowledging them, and working on them everyday, usually with the help of loving friends or wise counselors. First, be in touch with yourself.

Remember my crazy discernment process that took 18 years? See the Preface. It wasnt only a search for Gods Will, but also a search for my identity. It was also a search for my weakness within my soul.

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I had to face my sexual addiction and approval addiction6. I got to know myself really well through those years. Second, ask the people closest to you to tell you who you are. Because we all have blind spots. Study your parents and grandparents and they will speak volumes about the raw materials within youboth the healthy and unhealthy emotional patterns within you.

Fourth, love yourself. Because you cannot give what you do not have. But thatll be impossible if you rst dont know who you are. And thats why I generally recommend young people not to marry too early. At least in our culture, were still are busy forming our identities until the age of 25 to Statistics in America say that divorce rates double for those who marry at age 21 to 22, compared to those who marry at age 24 to Thats a lot.

How do you get to know yourself? First, answer the deeper questions about life. Try these out for size: What is my purpose in life? What makes me really happy? What makes me angrier than anything else? What am I most afraid of? What are my deepest needs? Do I love myself? How do I love myself? Second, take the many personality tests available.

They will help. You can get it on-line at www. Log onto www. For that person must not suppose that a double-minded man, unstable in all his ways, will receive anything from the Lord. James Im also a nancial consultant. Yep, I wear many hats. Get worried if, one day, I tell you that Im a beauty consultant. I regularly give nancial seminars where I teach people how to save, diversify and where to invest, etc.

I really feel Christians need this badly. But Ive discovered its not enough to teach people nancial wisdom. People can gain all the nancial wisdom in the world, but unless something else is done, they wont prosper. Do you know what that something else is? Ive learned that one of the biggest blocks to wealth are peoples unconscious beliefs about money. Let me tell you why. On the other hand, in a very deep unconscious level, they dont want to get rich. In what way? Because of their subconscious beliefs that money is bad, that rich people are evil and that business is dirty.

Some of these beliefs are distorted religious beliefs but religious nonetheless. And religious beliefs are very, very deeply rooted within our spirit. They are part of our core identity. So how could they ever prosper? Theyre sending out mixed messages to themselves, to their bodies, to their emotions, to their jobs, to their bosses, to their customers and to the universe. Contradicting desires create contradicting results.

Where there is no clarity of purpose, no great thing will be achieved. Heres the truth: Ive long learned that Gods universe simply responds to what we want clearly, repeatedly and passionately. Yes, even when it comes to marriage. I can already hear the chorus of voices protesting, Of course I want to get married! Why would I be reading your book? But believe me, Im shocked at the many people who are not sure. When youre not sure, you send mixed signals to the universe and to everyone in your world including potential suitors.

And thats bad. Yes, including marriage. They also live in a self-imposed prison of FEAR. Hes not a great spouse, believe me. Unless you identify these internal blocks and selfimposed prisonsyoull never see yourself moving into a happy marriage. Let me now give you 8 examples of different singles who have these internal blocks and self-imposed prisons.

Check if you are one of them: 1. I wish I could say he believes hes Mickey Mouse because at least he owns theme parks all over the world. But no. He believes hes a rodent, a rat, a pest with a very bleak future and that no girl in her right mind would like him. Deep within him, Mark thinks hell never get married. In his entire life, he has asked out a girl for a date only twice and was rejected on both counts.

When you unconsciously expect to be rejected, theres a high probably that you will be. Since then, he has fallen in love 16 times, and not once has he tried again to ask the girl out, talk to her, call her up or give her a gift.

Well, thats not true. But because he feared the girl would puke at the thought that he was pursuing her, he gave all her friends red roses too.

So on that day, all the girls thought he was sweet but that one girl he liked never found out that he liked her. And she never will.

Mark is plagued by low self-worth. Mindy has the same problem. She asked me why she ends up with one jerk after another jerk. They were charming at rst, but later became horrid creatures from the underworld.

This is how I answered her: You dont get the partner you deserve. You get the partner you think you deserve. Many women dont get a good husband because they feel they dont deserve a good husband. Theyve got very poor self-images, possibly deformed during their childhood and wrong parentingand reinforced by their failed relationships.

Its a vicious cycle: Unless Mindy changes the way she looks at herself, she will continue to attract horrid creatures from the underworld. Im too fat. Im too thin. Im too short. Im too ugly. Are You Carl the Family Crutch? Hes also the eldest of four siblings two brothers and two sisters. But every time his mother nds out that hes dating a girl, she breaks down in telenovela histrionics. She tells him, Dont forget your youngest brother, little Colin who, by the way, is already 22 and is taller than Carl.

He hasnt nished college yet. And, poor Cookie the year-old sister whos unmarried but has a two-year-old kid and needs someone to provide for them andtired Catherine the year-old sister who has three kids and a useless alcoholic husband who cant keep a job andyour father whom you know is sickly and hasnt had a steady job for 15 years now.

Through guilt, his mother has manipulated Carl to be the virtual father of the family.

Unfortunately, Carl has allowed her to do so with impunity. Because heres the truth: we teach people how to treat usgood or bad. Unless he stands up against this manipulation, hell always feel trapped. And with Daddy physically beating her mother.

Not a single month passed without Mom having a bruised face, a black eye, a sore arm Im not in anyway saying we shouldnt help our families. We should! But we need to know the difference between helping and being abused. When we allow ourselves to be abused, were not helping but teaching people to be parasites.

But as a young nine-year-old girl, she was sexually abused repeatedly by an uncle. Under threats of greater harm, the uncle warned her that she should never say anything about his advances so she kept this dark secret until she was 22 years old.

Tess is now 30 and Trisha is Both are best friends. Both talk about getting married one day, playfully selecting color motifs, wedding hymns and reception caterers. But in an unconscious level, Tess avoid men like they were bacteria. And Trisha gets terribly uncomfortable whenever she feels romantic or sexual feelings towards men.

As though shes dirtying herself all over again. So shes taught herselfnot to be attracted to men, denying feelings of attraction everytime they come up. Shes repressed her sexuality, her attractiveness. More on this later in Step 5: Be Attractive. Outwardly, they say they want to get married. Inwardly, they panic at the possibility.

Super Sad True Love Story

Unless they heal the wounds of the past, they will have a difcult time looking for and accepting a man in their lives. Related Lists: LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. Read it Forward Read it first. Pass it on! Stay in Touch Sign up. We are experiencing technical difficulties. Please try again later. In diabetic patients, hypertension increases the risk for renal and cardiovascular morbidity and mortality [2]. The mechanism of hypertension in diabetic nephropathy is complex, incompletely understood and includes electrolyte imbalance, activation of Renin-Angiotensin Aldosterone System RAAS , Endothelial Cell Dysfunction ECD , and increased oxidative stress [3].

There are various reports which have been published from time to time indicating hypertension as a risk factor for the diabetic nephropathy [4,5]. With the advances and ongoing researches; newer and newer drugs have been evaluated.

Therefore, it is recommended to evaluate the incidence of hypertension and other secondary complications encountered in diabetic mellitus so that early modality therapeutic approach can be done.

Hence, this research was planned to observe the incidence of hypertension and dyslipidaemia in diabetes mellitus with and without nephropathy in patients from central India. Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research. Physical examination and necessary laboratory investigations were done. Patients with typical history of polyuria, polydipsia and polyphagia were subjected to diabetes screening.

Patients with systolic blood pressure more than mmHg and diastolic more than 90 mmHg were diagnosed as hypertensive as per Joint National Committee JNC seven [8].Zipes 4. And I asked for signs and the signs came!

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