New Users You need to create an account to begin sending and receiving email on your BlackBerry® device. Please turn on your device and ensure that it is. Hello does anyone have the airtel service book to enable browser on a unlocked bb tour (I am not subscribed to BIS/BES) i have normal. Dear user if you are not able to send mms message to any one using your phone I suggest the following steps: 1) Register HRT To register a BlackBerry

Airtel Blackberry Service Book

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First of all you need to Enable your legacy SERVICEBOOK restore mode: (just a simple eg; Airtel(India) is and save. d) Do not. Now you have to configure the browser to use this Service book. .. my bb is airtel unlocked one if i restore what will happen go locked or. And on BlackBerry World "BB world is having problem connecting to BB world server, verify your network connection and Now find Service book and Open it.

Anonymous December 20, 6: Anonymous October 5, 2: Anonymous October 7, Anonymous October 12, 7: Anonymous October 13, 1: Anonymous October 17, Anonymous October 22, 5: Anonymous November 11, Anonymous November 13, 8: Amazing stuff!! Anonymous November 16, 9: Anonymous November 17, Nikhil 93 December 1, I have a problem though.

Really needed the fix?

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Would love a reply! Anonymous December 7, 5: I have some questions, Can I use BB desktop manager on mac or it just works on pc? Many thanks Amin aminmor icloud. Deepak P G December 11, 6: Niks23 December 15, 5: Anonymous December 16, Anonymous December 24, 9: Anonymous December 25, 3: Unknown December 25, Retrived From: Now it has been solved.

After unlocking you are able to use the inbuilt browser and you can do a whole lot more things.

Still not working. Itx amaxing … My browser ix visible now …. And itx working…. Thankx alot.

This is superb and its so useful please post more hacks for the bb And is there any hacks to use the bb fb app?? I am using BB curve But my desktop manager is a bit different than u mention. Please help. Is there any other alternative. Why does my network go off and On anytime am browsing with my blackberry ,anytime that happens, I need to restart my phone before it becomes stable again. Please help me.

I got an easier method for os 6 and 7! You are commenting using your WordPress.

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How to Connect to Internet with Your BlackBerry without Paying For Data Plan

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So the following people are benefited with this hack: Follow these steps to do it: First we need to enable legacy restore mode. To do that: Posted by Akhil comments: I am loving it!!

I wish you could follow up on this topic! Reply Delete Abhi March 3, Delete Sushindro June 15, Delete Anonymous August 27, 4: Delete Shrenik September 9, 9: Delete Anonymous November 5, Delete Reply Anonymous March 9, 7: Reply Delete Anonymous March 26, 5: I have the same problem.

Could someone please help me? Delete Reply Ajit March 27, Reply Delete Replies Anonymous June 21, Delete Reply Manoj March 30, Delete Reply heartdiseaseali April 6, 4: Reply Delete Replies Sushindro June 15, Reply Delete Pradeep April 27, 4: Worked like magic. Reply Delete struffle May 2, 3: Reply Delete Replies Anonymous October 22, 3: Delete Reply Rebel Generation June 8, 2: Reply Delete Anonymous June 10, 5: Reply Delete Sushindro June 15, Reply Delete Replies david July 15, 7: Delete Reply Anonymous June 18, But I have been facing an issue.

If anyone can plz do so.. Reply Delete Anonymous June 24, 9: Reply Delete Anonymous June 29, 2: Reply Delete Replies madiba July 11, 6: Plz fix that… I think maybe issue is because app world is updated Reply Delete Anonymous July 7, Reply Delete Anonymous July 13, 2: Reply Delete david July 15, 7: Reply Delete syed maaz July 19, 1: Reply Delete Addiction!

Thanks a lot. And yeah its working on wifi, please help me and make it run on my vodafone data plan Reply Delete Anonymous July 21, 1: I love it! Nice job! Still on OS5 Desktop Manager 5 works, not sure about 6. If you use DM6 and know the steps please post them. Do not skip this even if it seems pointless, activate your old blackberry!. Scenario 3: Updated to OS6 and everything works perfectly Desktop Manager 5 works, not sure about 6. Remember, DM does not backup all of your servicebooks, only certain ones, the only way to back up ALL of them is to follow my instructions.

Device Options 4. Is OS 6. Unofficial versions are flying around the web though. I recommend that you wait for the official update. There is an official Os6 for https: However, its just as buggy as the leaked versions Yomi talked about. Can someone please recommend a better service provider. I just surfing the net now to see if I can download the so called service books…annoying.

I mean annoying! Your email address will not be published. Yes, add me to your mailing list. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. Hi Charul, I too facing the same problem. I am facing problems in activation of BIS plan and emails on my phone. Please help me to resolve this issue and also I am not aware of the PRL file for Vodafone Mumbai and the process to replace it.

I am facing this problem from weeks since I downloadd this phone. Please help me in this. Thanks Nachiket. PLease let me know if anyone know abt this. Hi Charu hope you doing good!!!

I want as how to use blackberry bold with vodafone delhi or airtel delhi network on normal GPRS packs. Actually i am using Vodafone Delhi postpaid connection in my Blackberry Bold verizon unlocked..

I am able to use my opera mini, UC browser and whatsapp for few minutes say minutes once i restart my device Again it start working once device would restart again Many thanks!!! An ISP, or internet service provider is a company that provides consumers and businesses access to the Internet.

The set worked fine in USA. The problems started when I started using it in India, with little or no help from customer care of mobile operator, who normally don't have any clue on how to configure blackberry handset.

Few of the problems which I faced are mentioned below Host routing table will not have entries in spite sending many successful registration messages.

Service Books will not have entries for Blackberry Internet service. CC will even try to blame your unlocked phone, stating that it's still locked to previous operator and cannot be activated. The fact is all the above myth told to you by customer care is false.

Solve Data Plan Error In Blackberry

I knew I had an unlocked phone as I unlocked it myself. So there was no question of phone being still locked to Verizon. Steps to I did to resolve this Even took out battery and placed it back booted the phone again. Go to Host routing table and press BB menu button and select register now. You will get message registration message sent. Check messages and you will see a HRT message in message box.

After few seconds you should get another message stating that your mobile is registered. Check Host routing table and you will now see values.

Check service books to make sure all entries related to BIS is present there.

Go back to network operator's blackberry registration site. In my case it was vodafone so registered a new user at site https: Prior to registering to site make sure host routing table has entries. Once it's registered, you can add email accounts on the site that will be automatically synced to your phone in couple of minutes.

Posted by Charul Bhargava at 5: Anonymous October 4, at 7: Charul Bhargava November 26, at Anonymous November 26, at 8: Elvis Msmart March 18, at Anonymous November 27, at 6: Charul Bhargava November 27, at 9:Please tell us which questions below are the same as this one: Connect your Blackberry to the PC with your cable from the charger.

My blackberry bold 4 does not allow me to use Facebook on a data plan. Contact your network to inquire about what is available on their offering. Install the Blackberry Desktop Software.

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