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Free eBooks: download eBooks for free or view these eBooks conveniently on- line Download: profporwacipog.tk ( Kb). Download free pdf or zip ebooks, or read online ebooks. Library of free ebooks available under free ebooks licenses such as GFDL, Creative Commons license, . Free download page for Project OPL's EPUB library's profporwacipog.tky for reading, writing, and editing open eBooks (epub files). Written in PHP, for the Open.

If you've poked around web pages at all, that will all look fairly familiar -- HTML tags, style attributes, image calls, a hyperlink or two. For what it's worth, this is what the page looks like when it's displayed by an ereader: If all of that code looks scary to you -- don't worry.

Though it's essential to know some basic HTML if you want to get under the hood of your ePub file, there are other ways to create ebooks. And I'll be talking some more about what all of that gobbledygook actually is in coming months.

If you'd like to jumpstart that process, I highly recommend Liz Castro's excellent introduction, ePub Straight to the Point. It's a few years old, but still does an great job of covering the basics. Option 2: Use an App That Exports ePub Files So if you don't want to go the DIY route, there are a number of applications that currently export directly to the ePub format: Apache's OpenOffice has a plug-in called Writer2ePub that allows you to save files as ebooks open source office suite Scrivener commercial writing app Adobe's InDesign high-end commercial page-layout app QuarkXpress high-end commercial page-layout app The last two are particularly helpful if you are also preparing a book for print publication.

There are many more options -- including add-ons and plug-ins to existing commercial and open-source apps. All of these will create ePub files that work, and that should be accepted by most retailers. What's the downside? Well, there are a couple of things. First of all, none of the files created by these apps will display quite the way that you expect them to in various ereaders, especially if you've got an ebook that's got any complicated formatting such as drop-caps, tables, inset images, fancy typography, etc.

The apps will try to reproduce on the screen what you were trying to create for the printed page, but often the style rules that the apps try to create make an incredible mess in one or more ereader. Everything may display as plain text on a Nook, while small images may fill the page on an old site, while no images display at all on the site app on your computer. Here's the same page displayed on different ereaders: iBooks Nook Adobe Digital Editions Note that on the Nook app, the captions which are hyperlinks display as blue rather than red.

And notice that in Adobe Digital Editions, the image doesn't display at all. I was eventually able to get them to -- by rewriting the stylesheet specifically for ADE and all of the apps based on it. Also, all of these programs have idiosyncrasies; most create ePub files that are very difficult to customize, since they treat any style change italics, font size, indents, etc. If you use the Styles formatting rules that all of these apps allow -- apply a Body style to all body text paragraphs, for example, rather than formatting them as 12pt.

Palatino and hitting the tab at the beginning of every paragraph -- the results will be better, but inevitably the ePub file produced this way contain WAY too much code, enough to swell the file size. I'll be speaking to all of these challenges more in coming months.

I'll also say why it's probably not worth your time to create files in Apple's wonderful iBooks Author. Now, as I said last month, a Word doc isn't an ebook. But you can format the text and even insert images, hyperlinks and the other paraphernalia that make up an ebook, and then use an app to convert the document into ePub format. There are many, many such apps, both open-source and commercial, but I'll only bother telling you about one that I've already mentioned: Calibre.

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It has a number of controls that allow you to fine-tune the conversion -- but if you're document's simple, the standard settings will probably do. There are also a number of ways to upload a Word document and get an ePub file.

Most of them fall under the paid conversion option, which comes below. Many of the retailers allow you to upload a Word document directly. Smashwords actually prefers Word docs -- and will allow you to download your converted file in ePub format after they've run it through their famous "Meat Grinder" conversion tool it's actually a customized version of the software at the heart of Calibre. site's site Direct Publishing does a pretty good job of converting simple Word files.

The downside here is the same as in Option 2 -- the conversions are rarely perfect. And in most cases, there's little that you can do about it, since the conversion is automated, and handled completely by the retailer.

If you go this route, it is essential that you check your ebook out, not just on the retailer's "preview" or "Look Inside" widget, but on an actual ereader.

Still, I know it's not the option for everyone. NET Framework 4, which you need to run the GL Manga Reader is an open source and free software which allows you to read manga and comics on your computer.

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It is designed to be easy to use. GL Manga Reader is a portable application: Main thought is to solve some frequently used functions and offer them as compact framework. See the wiki for content. It is written entirely in Javascript and reads the files directly from the media partition. A simple java based comic book reader. Image formats suported are jpg, png, bmp, wbmp etc. Requires jre 7 and javafx. This way, Docs Online Viewer eliminates the need to open online docs in an external application.

This script reduces the need for additional plugins required to open documents such as Acrobat reader plugin Moth is a 3D ebook reader for Linux.

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Currently it only supports pdf, but other formats will be added in the future. Supported operating systems: You seem to have CSS turned off.

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The Slashdot comment and moderation system is administered by its own open source content management system, Slash, which is available under the GNU General Public License. Check out Slashdot Now. Then your future releases will be synced to SourceForge automatically. Sync Now. Save Time NOW. BDReader An e-comics reader featuring panels detection and comfortable reading BDReader is intended to be a comfortable comics reader.

Upon completion, you can view detailed reports about your connection. Host on your own infrastructure or use ours. For licensing, inquire today.

Try It Now. Ren'Py to ebook converter Convert Ren'Py visual novels into a format your ebook-reader knows This application allows you to convert visual novels which were created using Ren'Py http: Because less is more.

KIV framework An utilities framework for Java 1. Elite Comix Reader A simple java based comic book reader. Related Searches win64 disk imager. Text Editors.

Formats and Protocols.You can download the appropriate version from Adobe's website here: www. There are many more options -- including add-ons and plug-ins to existing commercial and open-source apps.

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Please ignore that messages until this tool gets widely spread. You will remain the owner of the copyrights and TuneCore does not receive any royalties just the flat fee. A simple java based comic book reader. You want to add a read-aloud track, video, or other enhancements. View online in your Web browser or download and share it for free. It converts:

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