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Since legislators such as Markey and Lieberman have shown concern about the adverse health effects of microwave radiation. And by that measure, can we truly say, as a nation, that we are meeting our obligations?

Yes, President Obama, it is time to keep them safe from harm even when this bloodshed may not be seen for years. The risks include, but are not limited to, autism, cancer, and damage to fetuses and sperm. Yet, the regulatory agencies mandated to protect us from the known health risks of microwave radiation claim there is still a debate and more research is needed.

This is a stall tactic. Brain tumor rates related to cell phone use are on the rise, especially for those who began using a phone before the age of We do not advocate against the use of this valuable technology. We do advocate that our government should step to the plate, as many other nations have, and advise their citizens of the hidden language in the cell phone manuals, the excellent independent science and ways to protect themselves and their children as to safe use of this ubiquitous device.

Some countries have banned the sales and use of cell phones to those under Many are already deceased leaving young children behind. It's especially suitable if you will be using it to dowse exclusively for yourself. A "found object" or keepsake could be something you have lying around the house, a little treasure that you find at a flea market, garage sale, or antique store, or any little trinket such as a coin, key, charm, or bead.

Use a found object or keepsake if it holds significance for you to really personalize your pendulum. Like jewelry, it's a good choice if you'll primarily be dowsing for yourself.

It relieves pain of the throat and mouth teeth and gums and reduces stress headaches. It reduces emotional pain at the heart center, improves physical health overall, and is an excellent choice for planetary healing as well. It's also beneficial for astral travel, connecting with one's angels and guides, and for opening up one's self to healing energy from the Universe. Aventurine: 4th Chakra Green Aventurine soothes the spirit, relieves migraines and stress-induced headache pain, strengthens the heart, improves overall health, attracts abundance, and promotes inner-peace.

It improves overall physical health, cleanses the blood, and detoxifies the body.

Pendulums for Dowsing More

Calcite, Golden: 3rd Chakra Golden calcite is a good companion when big changes are occurring. It promotes a positive attitude, increases feelings of happiness and joy, and eliminates the fear of the unknown. It aids in digestion and promotes a healthy digestive system. It promotes compassion, empathy, and forgiveness - encouraging one to look for the positive in all things.

It is especially beneficial for the heart and the digestive system. It facilitates communication with angels and spirit guides, increases intuition, and assists with meditation. It promotes compassion, joy, happiness, and harmony.

It helps one to see clearly on all levels. It also protects against EMF's, keeps the emotional body in check, and lifts depression. Fluorite relieves pain associated with arthritis, promotes healthy skin, and encourages one to stay physically active.

It energizes the body, improves digestion, promotes overall heart health, and helps one become more self-motivated. It can also give the libido a boost and improve romantic partnerships.

Hematite: 1st Chakra Hematite helps one ground and center, assists in astral travel, transforms negative energies into positive ones, aids in overall pain relief, protects, and calms one's fears.

It's a nurturing stone that can be very calming for children.

Jade: 4th Chakra Jade attracts wealth and abundance, removes obstacles, promotes heart health, heals and balances the entire physical body, provides protection, instills a sense of inner peace, and enhances meditation. Jasper, Kambaba: 4th Chakra Kambaba Jasper promotes feelings of tranquility, calms frayed nerves, alleviates sadness and depression, helps one feel more connected to nature and nature spirits, and detoxifies the physical body.

Jasper, Red: 1st Chakra Red Jasper helps one stay grounded, increases vitality, energizes and motivates, and helps with self-discipline. It also stimulates digestion, regulates blood pressure, and improves circulation. Jet: 1st Chakra Jet increases vitality, protects the auric field, shields against psychic attack, alleviates sadness, helps one work through grief, encourages a respectful attitude, and is helpful for those struggling with addictions.

It balances the hormones, regulates blood pressure, and relieves stress. It comforts and soothes the soul, encourages forgiveness, and promotes a peaceful and harmonious environment. Malachite: 4th Chakra Malachite promotes feelings of love and compassion, reduces "mind chatter," encourages a positive attitude during times of change, and helps one connect with nature. In the physical body it regulates blood pressure, boosts the immune system, and relieves pain.

Obsidian, Black: 1st Chakra Black Obsidian is useful for grounding and centering, protection, transforming negative energies into positive ones, blocking psychic attack, shielding the aura, allowing one to see one's self objectively, promoting feelings of inner peace, and boosting self-esteem. Quartz, Clear: All Chakras Clear Quartz is a natural amplifier that is helpful in balancing and healing the emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies.

It's suitable for all types of energy work. Quartz, Rose: 4th Chakra Rose Quartz promotes a strong, healthy heart, encourages love and compassion, alleviates pain and sadness caused by grief or stress, calms and soothes the emotions, encourages forgiveness, and aids in all romantic endeavors and matters of the heart. Quartz, Smoky: 1st Chakra Smoky Quartz grounds, protects, blocks negative energy, shields the aura, enhances meditation, alleviates worry, reduces headache pain, and prevents nightmares.

Lataif e ashrafi urdu pdf

It helps one stay motivated, focused, and present. It balances the emotions and helps one maintain a positive attitude. Selenite: 7th Chakra Selenite amplifies and purifies energy, cleanses and balances the chakras, protects the aura, enhances meditation, and promotes a sense of inner peace.

Tiger's Eye, Golden: 3rd Chakra Golden Tiger's Eye provides clarity, encourages a positive attitude, helps one feel comfortable in one's own skin, protects, promotes harmony, lifts depression, strengthens and heals the eyes, and helps maintain healthy digestive and reproductive systems.

Tourmaline, Black: 1st Chakra Black Tourmaline offers protection, helps one stay grounded and centered, shields against negative energy, boosts the immune system, alleviates pain associated with arthritis, and increases self-esteem.

Brass: Transforms negative energy into positive energy, attracts wealth and abundance, assists in rituals and spellwork, and provides protection on all levels.

Copper: Helps one find love, attracts abundance and wealth, encourages feelings of self-love and self-worth, improves circulation, boosts the immune system, relieves physcial pain and is especially beneficial for those with arthritis. Gold: Increases self-confidence, makes one feel more powerful, helps one find success in all endeavors, energizes, balances the emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual bodies, promotes overall physical health, strengthens the body, and alleviates pain.

It's a metal of prosperity and wealth. Associated with magic and protection.

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Steel: Provides protection, blocks negative energies, promotes peaceful sleep. Tin: Promotes harmony, brings good luck, attracts wealth and abundance. Select one that appeals to all of your senses.You can always shorten it later. A big thank you to my supervisors John, for all the inspiration and expertise, and Pieter, John Harricharan: Ask yourself ; John Harricharan is the author of the award winning book 'When you can walk on water, take the boat'.

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