I had to assume Dobbs was the kind of lawyer who would go to the .. the mortgage or the child support or put gas in the Lincoln. I'm not doing. Download The Lincoln Lawyer Novel PDF. 1. Download The LincolnLawyer Novel PDFTo download now please click the link. Read The Lincoln Lawyer Novel PDF To download now please click the link below. Book Description This #1 bestselling legal thriller .

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The Lincoln Lawyer Michael Connelly More books on ALSO BY MICHAEL CONNELLY The Black Echo The B. For defense attorney Mickey Haller, the clock is always running. With two ex- wives, four Lincoln Town Cars that he uses as offices, and dozens of guilty clients . Get Instant Access to The Lincoln Lawyer (Mickey Haller) By Michael Connelly # 6a28bc EBOOK EPUB site. PDF. Read Download Online.

Like all of Mickey's clients, he claims to be innocent.

Specifically, he claims that the victim hit him over the head, beat herself up or had someone else do it and then planted evidence that would point the finger at Roulet so that after the criminal trial she could sue him for big bucks in civil court. The case quickly turns into something much more complicated and sinister than it originally appeared.

Haller suddenly understands that genuine evil is present in this case, and he finds himself in an impossible situation. Watching him confront the case and attempt to produce a satisfactory conclusion is great fun. Haller, who has two ex-wives and a small daughter, all of whom still love him, is a very appealing character, which is doubtless why Connelly has turned him into a series character and why Hollywood jumped at the chance to make a movie of the book.

The Lincoln Lawyer -- Read the Book Now! Watch the Movie in Theaters 3/18!

Connelly proves himself to be as adept at writing legal thrillers as he is at writing more traditional crime fiction, and it's hard to imagine that any reader who likes either would not enjoy this book. I first read this book several years ago when it was initially released, and I wanted to read it again before seeing the movie. Although Matthew McConaughey does not look remotely like the Mickey Haller I imagined in the book, he's very good in the role and after watching the movie for forty-five minutes or so, I readily accepted him as Mickey Haller.

In fact, everyone in the movie is very good, particularly Marisa Tomei who plays one of Haller's ex-wives.

The movie is as much fun as the book. I don't remember my initial reaction to the book's ending but while it's very exciting, both in the book and on the screen, it's hopelessly implausible and really makes no sense at all.

Essentially what has happened is that Haller discovers that his client, Roulet, is actually guilty of the murder of a woman who was killed some years earlier. Haller defended the man accused of the murder and the evidence was stacked so heavily against him that Haller convinced the client to plead guilty to the crime as a way of getting a life sentence instead of the death penalty.

The Lincoln Lawyer

Haller is furious when he discovers the truth and rigs the situation so that he gets Roulet acquitted on the assault charge but sets him up to be arrested for the original murder, thus freeing the former client from San Quentin. How he manages to do this makes great theater, but in the real world it couldn't possibly happen.

The scent of money in the water often leads to a feeding frenzy but I had taken care of Valenzuela on enough Christmases to know I had him on the hook exclusively.

I could play it cool. What mat- tered was what the prosecutors finally filed and took to court.

I always say cases go in like a lion and come out like a lamb. A case going in as attempted rape and aggra- vated assault with great bodily injury could easily come out as simple battery. Still, if I could get to the client and make a fee agreement based on the announced charges, I could look good when the DA later knocked them down. It sounds like a bar pickup gone bad.

You know, the civil suit to follow the criminal case. She got beat up pretty good from what I heard.

I needed at least three of those minutes in between to confer with my client and give him the bad news.

Dobbs, Esquire. Out of Century City. See, I told you. It was the name. I knew of C. His kind of client went home to the places where the stars seemed to reach down at night to touch the anointed. Dobbs on the pad.

I then answered Valenzuela with a question. Or did you sug- gest me? I had to assume Dobbs was the kind of lawyer who would go to the California bar in a heartbeat if he came across a criminal defense at- torney paying off bondsmen for client referrals.

They had come at me be- fore. More than once. A crim- inal defense lawyer, and he said no. I told him about you.

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I just said you were good. Soft sell, you know? Roulet called me this morning from the jail.

They got him up on high power and he saw the sign, I guess. Dobbs showed up after that. I told him you were in, gave him your pedigree, and he was cool with it.

I wondered how truthful Valenzuela was being with me. A guy like Dobbs would have had his own man.

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Roulet came to him empty-handed. I made a decision.LincolnLawyerReview Follow. February I told him you were in, gave him your pedigree, and he was cool with it. You know, the civil suit to follow the criminal case.

Bikers, con artists, drunk drivers, drug dealers -theyre all on Mickey Hallers client list. He must have heard the wind whistling in my cell phone. All too often you read about some poor schmuck who's been railroaded into prison for a crime he probably did not commit--as often as not after a coerced confession--and then later someone else comes along and actually confesses to the crime.

Even in such an extreme case, it practically takes an act of God to get the first guy exonerated, and often it doesn't ever happen. Roulet came to him empty-handed. Suddenly hustling, cynical Mickey Haller is confronted with pure evil and someone who may be truly innocent.

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