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For all his education, his experiences, he would never truly understand siblings.

Hopefully she was in her usual deep sleep right now or staying with Luna and Umbra, hopefully not waiting behind the door to ambush him and try to separate his legs from his torso once again. He never knew when she would succeed.

It was enough to bring his mind back to the present. Ignis had been in his house once, a month before, fortunately without his family including Chibi home. But Prompto flipped on the lights now, shutting the door tight. The winds now absent and the area silent, he splayed his arms across the small entryway just as wide as he grinned.

He looked over the entryway, the stairs right across it, the wide living room opening close to it. Looked over the peak of all the couches gathered around a small coffee table, covered with fleece sheets and pillows and stuffed animals.

There was a plush toy he spotted that he won for Prompto nestled in between two bright blankets; it brought a smile to his face. And…there were tons of pictures and medals on the walls, near the stairs, all bathed in the warm light from overhead. He spotted multiple professional variations of Aranea and Prompto, a tiny Chibi and Chibi as she was now, their father, pictures both individually and together.

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His real family were nowhere to be found right now, thankfully. The nervousness he had felt before was winding down, now that he was inside and warm and alone with the person he trusted most. He blew his tongue at him as he fixed his wrinkled sweater; worn and yellow, bright over his black denim trousers. The furniture was all pushed together and the edges bumped into his knees and toes, but Ignis loved everything about it.

It was the opposite of his apartment—he had only the essentials, nothing personal, no pictures or anything sentimental. Prompto was already on his couch, the chocobo plushie Ignis got him pulled onto his lap as he kicked his feet up on the side. He joined him on the sofa, their shoulders rubbing together as he settled in. Nestled between his boyfriend and sunk in this over-plushed seat, it only made him feel more cozy, feel like home. He would teasingly pride himself on being the only person that could make him blush, on being the only one who could undo the great Ignis Scientia with a simple kiss.

If they truly got engaged. They knew that they both had to tackle college and officially finishing up Crownsguard training first…but when the time would eventually come, what then? At least, with tonight, Ignis would have a bit of closure with a question he was constantly asking—if he was compatible with his family.

He exhaled—and with it, all his previous tension. Today would go right from now on; he was with Prompto, and he always brought him stability even the most tense of situations. What had he just done? They were sort of alone in his home, which had a bed, and his boyfriend was a Scorpio.

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He lifted up a knee and slid it across his lap, settling down to straddle him. Ignis could see the brilliant light indigo of his eyes up close, boring into his.

Prompto pressed another kiss on his neck, whispering low. The second obstacle of the day, and the one he was most frightened of: Chibi. A puppy Prompto had found wandering the streets years ago, with an unfortunate and unexplainable grudge held against Ignis.

Whenever she set her sights on him it was like a trigger flicked—and then the only thing she could do unless forcefully stopped was try to end his life. There was a wide beam on his face as he knelt, beckoning Chibi into his held out arms. The last thing Ignis recalled before the blur of action was the blood rushing to his head. He crouched, taking small steps to the edge of the back of the sofa for a vantage point to find better shelter. It snapped him from his tactical stupor.

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Ignis knew what was left, what he had to do next. He ran. His socks skidded across the polished wooden floor once he got out of the living room and into the main hall, gripping onto the rails fashioned to the stairs like it was his last lifeline.

His footsteps thudded as he dashed up the steps, the cluster of pictures hung on the walls trembling in the rhythm. Chibi was so close; he could almost feel the warmth of her breath and the spray of her slobber on his heels. He slammed the door tight, sound reverberating through the walls of the house.

Chibi was gone; he was safe. The relieved breath he exhaled shuddered him to his core. There was a single sharp bark from Chibi as Prompto lifted her up, and the next thing he heard was a door being swung open. He heard Aranea trying to hold back a laugh as Prompto pleaded with her to keep her in her room for the day.

He could hear them make a very unfair compromise as he passed Chibi into her arms, dog tag ringing in the hall. Then her door was shut, and he heard Prompto take footsteps towards him. Make some room. It was exactly like Ignis remembered in the dark: all bright colours, an abundance of pillows, messy and cozy. It was small, sure, but Prompto had made it his. There were tons of tiny trinkets scattered around and the walls were covered in posters and photographs; enough photographs that he had to hang strings across the room to display some more.

They were not the editorial types framed downstairs near the entryway—these were much more reflective of who Prompto was. But the subjects that took the abundance of his space were his friends. There was Gladio, Noctis, Luna, Aranea, all scattered in hundreds of pictures, filling in those empty images of landscapes with context.

Luna with her wide-brimmed white sun hat tight in her grip as the ocean wind blew her blond hair wild; Noctis in that very same setting, padded up with his fishing jacket and reeling up his fishing pole; Gladio crouched with a backpack as big as him on his shoulders in the mountains of Duscae, setting up a tent for his friends; Aranea in midst of training high up in the air with her wooden lance.

There was one he saw back when they first started dating in January, of him looking bewildered as Prompto pressed a kiss on his cheek. There was one that Noctis took of them looking to the sunrise on a cold winter day, hands held, backs to the camera. One of their hands held together on a date, wafting steam of cups of coffee and tea next to them.

If they spent the rest of their lives together, moving in with each other, perhaps he would see these pictures everyday. It would truly feel like a home. He returned the hug with a smile reserved only for Prompto, pressing a kiss on top of his head full of fluff. The smile fell. I think not. Ignis eased onto the mattress next to him, careful not to disturb; but the hand he rested beside him was promptly grabbed and pulled. And even though Ignis was the one who dismissed the idea of making out right now, he turned his head and planted a firm kiss on his freckled cheek.

Just as he suspected, Prompto immediately went for his lips in return. Kissed him again, cradling his face in his hands, fingertips under his jaw, their open mouths moving against each other in synchrony, the tiniest noises escaping both of them— Sudden rapid muffled barking from across the hall broke them apart in an instant. Prompto threw the blanket off them with a quick movement, pouncing up to his feet. Taking a quick peek at the mirror Prompto had hanging on his closet door, he tried to comb his disheveled hair into something at least presentable before following his boyfriend down the steps at a more cautious pace.

Prompto, stood right by the small entrance section, was much worse—his hair was sticking up in all directions, the matching blush he had even more obvious against his paler skin…at least he could blame it on hurrying down.

Should his father ask, what excuse could he utter? Ignis pressed his lips taut—hard enough as if it would hide all the signs of what they were doing mere seconds ago.

Strategy was something he was meant to be good at—why was every option suddenly failing him now? Obstacle three: his father, Cor Leonis.

Ignis had known him—or, the idea of him—longer than he had known Prompto.


Officially, there was no evidence. Perhaps Cor Leonis had burnt everything regarding the recon mission twenty years ago, to protect the identities of his children.

They were not his lives nor his secrets to tell. What was attested, though, was that Cor Leonis was highly capable.

But stood here, now, crumpled paper bags in his arms and a tired furrow in his brow, he simply looked like an aging father. The deep-set lines in his face seemed harder than ever before, his close-cropped hair tousled and limp. Ignis watched the small way his lips pulled; an extremely worrying gesture.

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Was their obviously hidden dispositions easy to look through? But that twitch was gone in an instant, and Cor gave him a curt nod in greeting. It was his damn house, of course he would be here!

Ignis opened his mouth quick to tell him that no, it was fine, but he promptly spoke again—and made this already bad encounter take a turn for the worse. He definitely needed a new sense of style.

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The one I told you about? It seemed the beat was repeating too early, too early, too early. He blinked, blinked again as he wielded in another breath to stabilise himself; allowing the anxiety he constantly felt to actually manifest was so, so unlike him.

Emotion played a bigger role in his life than it had one year ago, now that every moment could affect his future—their planned future—down the line. Over his life and throughout all his high ambitions, he had dealt with rejection like an old friend, one whose constant visits were unwanted but needed to be fulfilled out of obligation. Those visits were frequent, and before today he liked to believe he had built a sizeable resistance to it.

Yet now that belief was crumbled on the ground, and here he was, gripping onto the palm of the most important person in his life like he was a gentle ocean wave away to losing him forever. Unsensing of all the emotion Ignis was feeling under his cracking stone facade, Cor only canted his head.

He nodded once again at them, words now coming back to him. Ignis took a deep breath. This day was a whirlwind that had no end in sight. Maybe help? Andreea Dydy pinned post 17 May at 8: Kelsie Gahan-Sullivan. Andreea Dydy pinned post 29 Apr at 6: Andreea Dydy pinned post 27 Apr at 6: I Dare You - Shantel Tessier.

I Promise You - Shantel Tessier. Geanina Badeanu. Can you help me! I can downloaded the epub! Thank you. Andreea Dydy pinned post 19 Apr at Andreea Dydy pinned post 30 Mar at 8: Pooja Ag.

Can u post books by L. Andreea Dydy pinned post 30 Mar at 7: Sunandita Sinha. Kim Giandalia-Ferguson. I'm listening to this series, and OMG it's awesome.

Andreea Dydy pinned post 21 Mar at Andreea Dydy pinned post 21 Mar at 4: Andreea Dydy pinned post 14 Mar at 2: Isa Khan. Hi do you have the second book, master of games?

Andreea Dydy pinned post 4 Mar at 3: Reign Sin City Outlaws 1 - M. Mercy Sin City Outlaws 2 - M.And…there were tons of pictures and medals on the walls, near the stairs, all bathed in the warm light from overhead. This series is really cute and especially designed for boys under the teen level It just has so many creative elements and events that would appeal to the younger set That being said, I loved it as it s rather different from what I usually read and great for listening in the car.

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