Read "Holy Hell A Memoir of Faith, Devotion, and Pure Madness" by Gail Tredwell Because she became fluent in the Malayalam language and had continual. 2. nov holy hell book in malayalam holy hell book read online balu amritanandamayi holy hell malayalam pdf free download holy hell: a memoir of. holy hell in malayalam pdf. Sorry, nothing found. Featured Posts. On My Way Home · God Is Within Us All · When Hugs Become a Religious Experience.

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Read Holy Hell by Gail Tredwell for free with a 30 day free trial. Read unlimited* books and audiobooks on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android. Visudha Narakam is the Malayalam translation of the 'Holy Hell: A Memoir of Faith, Devotion and Pure Madness' penned by Gail Tredwell, aka Gayatrai. To ask other readers questions about Holy Hell, please sign up. . book was when I watched an interview of Gail Tredwell on one of the Malayalam channels.

The trouble is very few can actually back up Gayatri's account because few at any point of time belong to the inner circle that actually knows what goes on behind the hug-mill.

I was merely one of the many who were swept up in the lies, brainwashing, mind games, and manipulation. However, there was favoritism shown toward me among the Western devotees, and I never understood exactly why. Because of this, I spent a lot of time close to Amma, asking questions, listening, and closely observing her actions.

In the end, a veil was lifted and I saw the entire operation for what it was: a theatrical mirage. Worst of all was the character assassination and harassment which occurred when I decided to leave and speak my story. In a sense, this book has helped me pick up the sword again, if only briefly, to add another voice of support Quote Last edited by the author on Nov 11, PM PST Kalliope Amorphous says: I may eventually do that, but I can't right now.

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I have heard only very recently that the internet terrorist responsible for stalking hundreds of ex-devotees of Sai Baba and Amma has apparently died. Until there is further elaboration or confirmation of his death I have read today that the death announcement could be a hoax I am not comfortable revisiting it in depth. Also, this guy dragged people and websites unknown to me into his smear campaign including a "pet psychic", someone whom I licensed my photos to, and some bizarre people on site so I wouldn't even know how to begin to address the level of insanity.

It's very complicated and would be too emotionally draining to get into right now, as I have twice been the target of stalking once for leaving the cult and once due to an obsessive romantic relationship.

I'm not ready to drag these things out in public right now. I have contacted site and they are aware of the smear-campaign reviews.

They will remove most reviews which contain personal attacks.

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Click the "report abuse" button on those reviews. Yes the character assassination also happened to me when spoke up online on what I thought was a private closed members group expressing some doubts and concerns, at the beginning of An email was circulated within a month of me speaking up, which I found out about via a friend, between the senior Australian organisers and a renunciate from the ashram, saying I was mentally ill. Inferring I was suffering from psychotic episodes.

This inference of mental illness has been used time and again to attack those who complain or leave them. An attempt was made to haul me up before the main Swamini, the one who sits behind Amma onstage, for "discipline". Then when I would not comply the slanderous email was circulated amongst my friends in the organisation, including a man who had been my partner, and I was verbally bad-mouthed, after having been screamed at by this renunciate who told me she would "tell everyone about me".

Amma sucks people in the west into her cult under the guise that she is this great humanitarian who radiates love. Yet the longer you stay in her org the more apparent it becomes to you that this is NOT all about love.

Some of those who defend her and then go and attack others online, write bad reviews etc are so deluded that they possibly will never escape her clutches.

Then there are the cynical ones who are connected to her inner circle, who are possibly getting benefits for themselves by being in this position. I noted that a couple who have attacked Gail in these reviews also have the same online names they used last year to attack her on a couple of online discussion groups, when she was interviewed by Rolling Stone magazine prior to the book publication.

I think the readers should also keep in mind that it is highly likely those who wrote the bad reviews have not even read the book, but are now parroting what they have been told to say about it by the ashram. I know that the word has gone out to the local satsang groups across the world now that they should not download this book.

You will also see on other sites that sell this book that the very same negative reviews as posted on this site are also on the others, by the same authors.

One of the reasons also why so many have NOT spoken up against this cult is because of the real fear they live under.

For those in India a fear of actual physical harm. And for those in the west who still have family in the cult, the threat of turning family members against them, or of bad things actually happening to those family members living in India in her ashram. The fear that they will be slandered and bad mouthed, that their employers will be sent nasty things about them.

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That other cult members will phone them up and abuse them. The reason why other senior members have left in the past and not spoken up. Many have just wanted to sever all ties and start a new life, never speaking out lest trouble be caused for them in that new life.

Gail is to be applauded in her courage for speaking out. To have the integrity to acknowledge the role she played in bringing this woman to the west and to help make her famous. She did this knowing her privacy would be invaded and her life turned upside down, but felt that she could no longer live with herself unless she made amends. I was lucky in that I had no other family members in this cult. I was a very strong minded individual who would not allow myself to be frightened by these people.

Complained and threatened with legal action after I was slandered. Still continue to speak out whenever I can. Reply to this post 14 of 18 people think this post adds to the discussion. Do you?

Visudha Narakam

They will do anything to discredit those who tell the truth. At one point, they scoured the Internet and found something I had written or maybe it was a petition I had signed to legalize medical marijuana.

They took this and spun it to call me a "drug addict" who couldn't be trusted. It's interesting how they use the same exact tactics on everyone. I guess the good thing is that through the way they loaded this site review page with similar tactics and smears, they are showing the whole world the lengths that they go to in order to try and shut their escapees up.

Reply to this post 8 of 11 people think this post adds to the discussion. Reply to this post 8 of 13 people think this post adds to the discussion. Honesty is power. Just so that you know.

That said, I do not mind somebody constructing an ashram and attracting devotees. Good luck to them, I say. The people who flock to these gods on earth are mostly educated people gifted with rational minds to think things out. The fact they do not do so means that deep down, they want to believe — it is a strong spiritual need.

As long it is fulfilled by anything, and gives them happiness, why should I bother?

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While reading this book, however, I was adamant that my prejudices should not inform my view. Whether I agree with the author or not, the review should be impartial, analysing the book on its own merits. Well, onto the book. The Story Thousands of Westerners came to India in the seventies.

I still remember seeing a lot of white men and women, dressed in what could be termed rags, walking around with backpacks.

Amma treated her as personal property, working her to death and verbally and physically abusing her whenever the mood for a tantrum came upon her. At this time, Gail was footloose in India without a penny to her name: no contact with her family in Australia hints of some serious problem back there, though not elaborated : and also, she had undergo a hysterectomy to remove a massive tumour from her uterus.

It is easy to see her being preyed upon. Well, all of us know the history of Mata Amritanandamayi. The ashram grew and expanded at tremendous speed, becoming the multimillion dollar corporate behemoth it is today.

Gail got elevated to the position of manager, and was accompanying Amma constantly on her trips. Soon, she was officially ordained and became Swamini Amritaparna. However, during this temporal ascent, Gail was on a downward spiral spiritually — because she was discovering that her idol had feet of clay. So the truth finally dawned — the guru was nothing but commonplace woman, carrying out a massive spiritual fraud on a gullible public. The amount of ashram donation money she smuggled out to her family in iceboxes did nothing to enhance her reputation in the eyes of her disciple.

Added to these facts was the personal trauma Gail suffered, because she was repeatedly raped by Balu, the sex-maniac swami. So one day, the worm turned.

During a trip to the US, Gail finally burst her spiritual shackles and absconded. Analysis Holy Hell is not a well-written book; moreover, it writes of disgusting things. I would not have touched had it not been for the controversy — and I believe it is the same with a thousand other people.

Holy hell amritanandamayi pdf writer

So no doubt it is the sensationalism which sells the book. Now comes the million-dollar question: is it a true account? As far as I am concerned, there are three possibilities: Whatever Gail writes is the gospel truth, and Mata Amritanandamayi is the charlatan monster she is made out to be.

Gail is a seasoned liar, perhaps on the payroll of a Christian-Muslim nexus, and this is a deliberate attempt to discredit a saint. Gail is a disillusioned woman, who was once caught up in a cult and bears the spiritual scars of the same: whatever she writes is true from her point of view, which is necessarily relative.

I find myself plumbing for the third. And it is frighteningly similar to what I have heard and read of other guru-cults, where the guru exerts total control over the disciple. It is typically a dominant-submissive relationship, sometimes with sex involved.Tracey Alysson Ph.

Overall rating 4. But, this is a great cautionary tale for people who are doing the same. If you are attached to the person, you will eventually have to let that attachment go. Tense For Life! At least, some financial gain and some public attention.

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